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A “ GIG ” is no more on which only musician work upon, in this digital age the workforce is increasingly mobile and work can increasingly be done from anywhere. According to a study by 2020, almost 40 percent Americans will be working as independent workers. Today, there are millions of Americans working gigs instead of having a full-time job.


What is GIG economy?

GIG economy is all about saving resources in terms of spatial and manpower training. Businesses contract with freelancers for specific projects. It is a great way to improve work-life balance over what is possible in most 9 to 5 jobs. Ideally, it gives independence to workers in selecting jobs that they’re interested in, rather than forced into a position and routine. Today gig economy is giving serious competition to the traditional businesses by helping individuals around the world by providing a new, gig-style employment opportunity.

GIG economy can be summed up as:

• It uses technology such as mobile apps to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions
• It is based on user-based rating for quality control
• Offer work flexibility in deciding their working hours
• Often known as sharing or digital economy

Here’s how KINCT will help you to start with your “GIG”:

Making a full–time commitment to the gig economy takes a lot of commitment. You are your own boss but your income can fluctuate a lot from one month to the next. When you start, you need to target a location in your area. Then you deliver your services in nearby areas. The longer your shift, the larger the area you can earn. Here is KINCT to help you to start safely in sharing economy.

KINCT strives to become the Yelp for services, a social network where people can find the best local service providers in their neighborhood. You can connect with the right person to solve your problem or be someone else’s right person even if you are not a professional.

Up until now, starting your own service business could be risky at first, when you’re building the business, and income can go up and down. But by using the application KINCT for a portion of your working hours, you can have a more predictable income right from the start.

It’s important to remember that your income as an independent local service provider will be considerably higher – about an average of $36 an hour is typical – for odd jobs like maid services or babysitting. On KINCT, you schedule and complete task based on your flexibility. So think of KINCT as a “backdoor” income source that can give you some extra bucks as you build your own local service business.

You might be a great gardener, maid, tutor, coach, babysitter or a cook, but probably not the best online marketer. That’s where we come in. With KINCT, your prospective clients can easily reach out to you. You will meet new people who are looking for gardeners, schedule your appointment with KINCT, and get paid. And it will only take 5 minutes for you to download and create a profile on the app. From there, we do the rest! Just sit back and watch your business grow.

Remember this is all FREE! We want to see you succeed! Send the word out about KINCT, more people download KINCT, more customers you will acquire, so spread it out.

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