Five Ways To Stick To Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

We all make New Year’s resolutions or fitness resolutions, try to stick to them for a month, but eventually loose motivation after seeing no results, and quit. No wonder why gyms and fitness studio see this phenomenal “January rush”—and by mid-March, all these places get back to their usual crowd.

Fitness Resolutions

But this year you don’t have to be the part New Year’s fitness rush and lose your initial momentum within a few months.  Here are five most effective ways to stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals in 2017.

Set Definitive Measurable Goals

Don’t just wake up and say, “I want to be fit.” Ambiguous goals mean no results. You also shouldn’t hook your goals to something very physique targeted, like “Six-pack abs” or “Reduce love handles.”

We would suggest that you should have definitive performance goals. Make them measurable, like “workout at least thrice a week,” or “make sure to exercise for minimum 45 minutes a day”, depending on your starting point.  Along with workout you also need to work on your nutrition, sleep, and other lifestyle habits to achieve your fitness goals.

Give Yourself a Realistic Timeline

Let us be honest here, there is no crash course to achieve your dream body!  There are three major factors on which your results depend trainee’s age, previous training history, and regularity. If you’re young and you are training 4 to 5 times per week, the probability is that the results may show in just 3 to 4 weeks. But if you’re 40 and you’ve never worked out, and you’ve bad eating habits for the last 20 years, then the results will probably take much longer time. But, with consistency, results will definitely come.

Track Your Progress


Weighing Scale is not the only way to track your progress!

A holistic way to track your progress is through body composition with Bio-Signature Assessment. It is the most accurate 12-point body fat and hormonal assessment and can be done in every 4-6 weeks. Another way is to keep an exercise journal or a log to do a performance assessment.

One magic word- Diet! – Fitness Resolutions

The good old fitness rule says that it is 70% your diet and 40% your workout. After 4 weeks! If you’re not seeing the changes you want, you’ll have to make to push your diet towards the cleaner side. Make consistent everyday changes until you see the results you’re looking for and set deadlines to assess if what you’re doing is working well for you.

Choose a workout that compliments you

It can be confusing and intimidating to choose the right workout plan. You can train for shorter interval if you show up more often in the gym. You can train less and see body composition changes if you feed your body in the right manner. To gain optimal gains you need to sleep for 7-9 hours, you probably won’t make optimal gains. Keep these three factors in mind while picking your workout plan.

Use these tactics to become your fittest self in 2017. No matter what is your fitness goal; you can achieve it with right kind of motivation and daily prodding. To accomplish your fitness goals hire a coach on KINCT, to push you in the right direction.

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Fitness Resolutions


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