7 Tips To Hire A Nanny or A Baby Sitter

Here are 7 tips that will help you arrive at making the right decision on hiring a nanny or a babysitter.


1. Decide who you want to hire.

Choose the nature of caregiver that you think will best suit your family. Nannies have more responsibilities than a babysitter does.

2. Which type of sitter do you really want?

A mother’s helper – usually a young kid who plays around with your kid when you are around the house, or a babysitter who is usually great for short breaks. Or a full-time nanny who care for your child the whole day. They are dependable and are more involved in their development and education. Or maybe a part-time nanny who is a mix of a babysitter and a nanny.

3. Calculate your budget.

Most babysitting jobs are part-time or paid hourly. Do your study before hiring a babysitter. Find out the going rate that is prevalent in your area. Give a trial period and you can see how your child reacts to the nanny. Does the person send you positive vibes and gives a comfortable feeling?

4. Check references.

This is the key step to making an informed decision about the caregiver. Choose wisely. Ask around – from other families who have hired the caregiver earlier. Double check if apprehensive. You want to be reassured that the person can be trusted with your child. Obtain a background check to make sure everything is okay. Search, search, and research again!

As an addition, find out if the person you are considering has taken child care classes, infant CPR certification, or training of any kind. Emergencies can occur anytime without a warning.

5. Have a checklist of certain “must-have” attributes.

The caregiver to be hired should be honest, committed, compassionate, intelligent, caring and empathetic. Mature responsible behavior reflects commitment and dedication to the job. Caretakers must enjoy the company of children; someone who genuinely loves children and wants to be with them.

You should also review their driving records.

6. Be clear about their role.

Remind your babysitter that safety is your primary concern while your child is in their care. Take time and interview the caregiver thoroughly. Ask all the questions till you are convinced with the replies.

Let the sitter know that you are hiring them to interact with your child and play the role of an adult who is present while you are away. It is also good to hire someone who has a similar parenting style and shares similar values.

7. Trust your instinct.

If something feels off the mark, don’t go ahead just because you have to. It is important to have someone who will take care of your children, and what can be more important than that?

A nanny is someone who will know your kids as well as you do because she is with them the whole day. The relationship that develops over the years is priceless. Many families talk about the bond that they share with the caregivers is something one can cherish long after the children have grown.

Make the right choice for the family because leaving your children in someone else’s care requires careful consideration.

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