7 Health Benefits Of Ice Skating That You Probably Didn’t Know

Ice Skating is the most enjoyable and healthy activity one can do. Whether it is summer time or winter, Ice Skating is a great activity to participate in order to stay fit and active. And the best part is you don’t need to find a frozen lake for Ice Skating as several major cities now have indoor skating rinks where you can enjoy it. The strength, control, and stability are the key elements of this activity that make it fun.

Ice Skating: 7 health benefits

Ice Skating

1-Better Balance:

Skating on the ice helps you improve your balance. Traveling across the slippery surface on a regular basis helps you stay on your feet.

2-Improves Flexibility:

Many people say that their leg joints creak harshly when they leave the bed in the morning or leave the chair. For those, Ice Skating is the real solution. Since it requires quick movement of feet, the leg joints receive a great workout; resulting in flexibility in no time.

3-Leg Muscles:

Ice Skating requires much movement of lower-body and that gives a great exercise to the leg muscles. It results in muscle building.


Everyone knows that Aerobic exercise helps you improve cardiovascular health, and it can be achieved through Ice Skating. It provides a great cardio workout.

5-Improves Endurance:

Skating on the ice requires much energy. The longer you do skating, the better your endurance power will be.

6-Helps in Weight Loss:

Ice Skating is the best way of burning calories for those who are trying to maintain or lose their wait. You can burn 300-600 calories per hour while having fun.

7-Stress Relief and Mental Fitness:

Doing physical activities like Ice Skating on a regular basis helps you fight stress, especially when you’re skating outdoor where you can enjoy nature and soak up fresh air. It becomes more enjoying when you have the company of friends and family, resulting in mental fitness.

So here it is guys, aforementioned were the 7 health benefits of Ice-Skating. If you love doing exercise to improve health while having fun, try Ice Skating but don’t forget to hire a coach for it. If you’re new, it could be dangerous. Having a coach with yourself not only help you improve your stability but will also save you from impinging with other skaters. So what are you waiting for, download the KINCT application now and find your right coach in your area?

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