KINCT: Neighbors Serving Neighbors

Think about a time when your wife or mom complained about how much work there was at home? Juggling a job, kids, and home is just too much. KINCT is here to help.


KINCT is the Amazon for services. It is a platform where locals serve locals. It helps neighbors in serving neighbors. To earn on KINCT you need not be a professional, it is a platform from where you can earn money from your every little skill. We connect neighbors who are looking for services with neighbors who can provide the services without charging a dime for it. We have services such as tutoring, babysitting, cooking, and maid service. All the services available on KINCT are helpful in the day to day life of anyone, especially a mom. Through the platform, you will be able to choose a service, see ratings, and choose your winner. Due to the many features of the app, it will be easy to find the perfect service provider.

Not only can you use the app to find a service you need, you can also sign up as a service provider. Unlike our competitors, we give the average person the ability to monetize a skill they have. We do not take a cut from the service providers and allow them to choose their own prices. They are their own boss. Because of this, we have the potential to end unemployment.

On KINCT, you can sign up as someone who needs a service done or as a service provider or both. The best part is, you’re not hiring a company, you’re not hiring a professional, and you’re hiring a local. This means the prices are way cheaper because you’re just paying for the work, not the business expenses, and at the same time you’re building a tighter community with the people in your area.

Remember when we told you to think about a time your wife or mother was tired? Well now, think forward to a time when moms never have to feel stressed again. Because that’s what KINCT is thinking towards. KINCT will be the only all inclusive package for moms. We will initially just be releasing with the most popular services that a mom needs. From there, we plan on expanding until we have all the possible services on our site. Nobody and especially moms will have to complain again. Moms will now have the chance to spend their newfound free time with their families.

With KINCT, you make money doing what you love, you save money getting what you need, and you build a tighter community meeting new people.

You get what you need and do what you love. Download Now! We are available on Android & IOS

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