5 Tips for Finding The Right BabySitter

All parents need some time out from wearing their MOM or DAD hat. Some want to get away from their kids for one or two hours to do some shopping, while some want to go away for the weekend without kids. In such scenario, they need the right babysitter which, obviously, isn’t an easy task.

Right Babysitter

When it comes to interviewing a babysitter aka the person you’ll trust with your life’s blood, narrowing down several candidates and finding the right fit amongst them often becomes daunting. So, today we are listing five tips that would help you find the right babysitter who can take care of the “apple of your eyes”.

Following are the five tips: The Right BabySitter

Consider the References

Checking the references and performing background checks are one of the first and compulsory processes. And when narrowing down the top picks of the babysitter, consider the conversations you had with the families who listed this person in the list of reference.

Go Over the Interview Questions

We all have standard questions for an interview like age, experience, and availability but every family also has its own specific or unique set of needs. So, put your specific set of needs in front of the candidate and determine whether he/she is able to perform well. Also, check for the punctuality of that person so that your baby never stays alone in your absence.

Evaluate Your Kids’ Struggles and Strengths

Being the parent means you should know the struggles and strengths of your kids. So, when hiring a babysitter, make sure the person is able to help your kids where they are lagging. For example: if your kid is weak in science and you have hired a babysitter who has a good academic background, he/she can help your kid in homework.

Do a Basic Test

Before hiring a babysitter, watch how the person is interacting with your kids. Do you like his/her style, playfulness, discipline? Also, check if your kids are comfortable with that person. After all, you kids are the ones who will be spending most of their time with the candidate. So, making sure that your kids are comfortable with him/her would be beneficial for you.

Trust Your Gut

There might be a candidate who has a remarkable babysitter resume, fantastic references and perfect answers for all your interview questions — but something just seems off. You might not be able to put a finger on it, but you don’t need to explain it. Trust your instincts.

Further, aforementioned were the five tips for finding the right person but sometimes you don’t get much time to perform all these actions. So, what now? How would you find one? Fret not, KINCT is here. You can easily find a babysitter in your area. And don’t worry, aforementioned five actions are already done by KINCT. All you need to open the profile of your potential candidate and get all the information about him/her at your fingertips. So what are you waiting for, download the KINCT now?

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