Top 5 Easy Ways to Find The Right Tutor For Your Child

The past decade has seen a real boom in the home tutoring trade; despite the worldwide recession, parents are spending more on personalized tuition. There is no specific reason behind it other than parents want their children to study well. But the question is: why spending more? And the answer to this question is: because it’s not easy to find the right tutor or scarcity of good private tutors.

Right tutor

Today, we are listing top 5 ways to find the right tutor for your children so that they could concentrate on their study and mark their position among brilliant students in the class.

  1. Ask other parents for recommendation: If a tutor is working very well with other people’s children, there is a good chance that they will be able to help your child as well. Ask your neighbors or acquaintances about it. Most of the parents have reported that they found their right private tutor through the recommendations of neighbors.
  1. Enquire in the school about teachers who offer extra tuition: Also enquire in your children’s school about teachers who offer extra tuition. Especially about them whom your children are comfortable with. Tutor whom your children are comfortable with will be of great help. Most children have shyness so it is important if you find someone who can help your children get rid of shyness and ask where they are lagging.
  1. Turn to Friends: This option is a lifesaver for people with tight budget. Talk to your friends, there might be some of your friends with free time who can help your children do better in studies. According to a survey, more than 40 percent of parents have chosen their friends as a private tutor for their children. There are two benefits of it: 1. You can easily trust them with your life’s blood and 2. They will treat your children like their own son or daughter.
  1. Newspaper Ads: Though it’s not that good, yet it’s helpful. Try to shortlist some private tutors from newspaper ads. Talk with them and analyze their way of interaction. If you find any of them suitable for your children, invite him/her to your home and ask for a demo. Also, check their education certificates.
  1. Check out Online Recommendations/Tutor agencies: There are countless portals over the web that offer the list of tutor agencies or recommended tutors. See, if it can help you. However, make sure the tutor you are selecting has a clean background and few years of experience so that you children get comfortable with him/her easily.

So, here it is. Aforementioned were the top 5 ways to find a good tutor. You can follow these steps but you don’t have time for this, download KINCT app now. This application has a list of countless experience private tutors with the clean background. You just need to select your locality and that’s it, you will get the list. Check their profile to know about their experience and availability, and select the right tutor. One more thing, the application is absolutely FREE.

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