07 Tips For Beginners In Boxing – A How To Start Guide

Boxing is one of the best contact sports that is beneficial for a person on several fronts of their lives. It not only keeps them fit but also safe if things go south in a secluded place. At least, a person should be skilled enough to challenge or take the bad guy down to the ground when needed.


So, today’s topic is Boxing and we are here with a “how to” guide for beginners. First of all, know that boxing isn’t easy and you’ll have to keep practicing in order to improve your sparring tricks and maximize performance. Besides, it burns a huge amount of calories so if you are fat, it’s good for you but if you have an average weight, you need to take care of your diet.

Anyway, without wasting time, below are the top tips to getting started in the world of boxing:

  1. Safety First: Your number one priority should be how to be safe while boxing and for that, find a good boxing coach in your area though KINCT.

  1. Practice on Heavy Boxing Bags: You must have seen heavy boxing bags. The main purpose of those bags is to improve power in your punch. So, hit the heavy boxing bags as much as you can.

  1. Eat Healthily and Build Muscle Mass: Know that an unbalanced diet can ruin all of your practices. So, eat healthily. Besides, do push-ups, dips, pull-ups and sit-ups on a regular basis to build muscle mass.

  1. Shadowboxing: This has been proven to be the best method to improvise your skills in boxing. Practicing in front of a mirror not only helps you focus on defense skills but correcting them too.

  1. Spar with Other Boxers: When you want to spar, choose someone who is as good as you (someone with the same skills level as you are). Don’t try to be a hero in starting, you might end up bleeding your nose.

  1. Breathe Out: Always breathe out when throwing a punch. Remember, if your opponent manages to counter attack on your stomach when your lungs are filled with air, it will bring you down to your knees. It’s proven.

  1. Learn to Wrap Hands: Learning how to wrap hands while fighting is very beneficial. It helps prevent hand injuries. Besides, always opt for a pair of well-padded gloves.

Apart from all this, one more thing you need to take care of. Try to avoid overtraining. Punching constantly results in stress in joints, muscles, and bones. Constant punching mainly affects ligaments and tendons. You must have a boxing coach beside you so that he/she could take care of these things, keep you safe and help you correct and improvise your fighting tactics. Find your right boxing coach in your area through KINCT – an app that gives freedom toGet What You Need, Do What You Love.

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