Turn From A Yogi To A Yogipreneur In Three Steps

Are you figuring out that how can you position yourself as a yoga trainer in the already crowded yoga market? We have a solution to make your yoga training session much more profitable. Become specialized expert in a specific location! What do we mean? So rather becoming a general Hatha teacher in LA, become a yoga teacher for pregnant women in a specific area of LA. Here are three steps to grow your yoga business locally overnight.


1. Become the Local Specialist

That’s right when you are a specialist in a specific area you no longer have to search for clients as the clients are already searching for you. Here’s a quick example. Middle age people search out help for bad backs. Would they go to a yoga trainer at a distance of two-hour drive or would they call a trainer who is in their vicinity?
See the difference? Your local marketplace is already there, you simply need to tap into it!

2. Improve and give your clients better experience

It is important to measure the quality of service. Customer feedback is most important; ask the customer what they think of your classes. You can also create a simple questionnaire of five questions. It will help you to improve your service and give your clients better experience.

3. Put your marketing system in place with KINCT

If you want to run a yoga business and attract clients, without burning yourself then you first need to market yourself right! The main reason why many Yoga trainers are not doing well is that they have the out-dated marketing strategy. Chances are that they are having no marketing system in place, like 95% of Yoga trainers!
Does the above sound true for you? Like many yoga trainers, you must be wonderful at your job but you were probably never taught how to really create successful Yoga business and market it right. Don’t worry, download KINCT app today and take your first step towards building a successful yoga business!


KINCT strives to become the Yelp for services, a social network where people can find the best local service providers in their neighborhood. You can connect with the right person to solve your problem or be someone else’s right person even if you are not a professional. Be a yoga trainer on KINCT and kick start as a Yogipreneur today!

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